Dienstag, 4. November 2014

A spooky night it was...

Halloween is something that is fairly new here in Germany. It becomes larger and larger over the past few years. And because Halloween is connected to costuming, I sure do love it! This year I had the opportunity to attend a friends party. It was quite spontanous and the only real Halloween costume I had at hand was my old zombie bridal dress, which I made about seven years ago. But it still fits, yay!!

The parties theme was "drawn - be a comic character". I instantly thought of Tim Burtons "corpse bride". I never did a full face paint before, but well I like to try new things from time to time :) I found this tutorial on youtube. It is about 8 minutes long. The make up I did, while stopping the video and trying to keep up, took me about two hours...But I liked it :) We bought this waterpaint for theater purposes and it is really good. Definitely a recommendation!

So here I am in my recent role as "The corpse bride":

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