Samstag, 20. Februar 2016

What I did in 2015...part 2 or Vintage Girl pregnancy looks

So, here we are with the second part of my 2015 review. I spend nine months in 2015 being pregnant and in the end the variety of my clothes was very small. But I knew that this was only for a small period of time. Now I really enjoy it, to go back to my normal me (clothing-wise) and I can wear a lot of my wardrobe again, but still some clothes are to tight. Let's see what the future brings here. The reason for all this smiles at me everyday and makes it all worth it a thousand times :)

So, lets take a look, what I wore and what I made for my growing belly:

This gathered skirt has a wide waistband and shirring in the back. This makes it very flexibel. This worked from the 5th month to around the beginning of the 7th. It is made from a nice printed cotton, has rick-rack at the hem and pockets. The nice thing is, that I will be able to wear that also now that I'm not pregnant.

Another wardrobe staple was this jersey pencil skirt from I made it out of very stretchy jersey and so I was able to wear it from beginning to the end(!). This was really easy to make and absolutely worth the time.

I also made two jersey dresses from a cherry-picking pattern. This one above is also made with jersey from their pattern line. Another one (which I never made a photo of...weird) is made from cherry printed jersey. I wore both also since my baby was born, so they're really versatile, too.

Speaking of jersey dresses: I love them and always will! Nothing beats an easy to wear, but cute jersey dress. Exactly what you need when your body is working hard to produce a baby :)

This is obviously a very special "outfit" of 2015 ;) I didn't made it myself because I didn't have the time to, but I loved my dress. It is from the UK based

I also wore this dungarees (thrifted, not made by me). They have clever buttons at the side, so you can change the width of the pants.

Of course I wanted to make a vintage maternity pattern, too. So I was browsing etsy and fell in love with this Simplicity (vintage 4635) pattern. This also can be worn while pregnant and afterwards (Hooray for flexibel clothing!!). I did not wear it yet again, because it it very cold outside, but I will try as soon as spring is here. It is a very easy, only a wide dress with a sash to control the width in the back. Here I am doing my housewife duties ;)

So, I hope this was a bit of help for all pregnant ladies, who love vintage inspired looks :)



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